Healing Sessions

Full Soul Retrieval Ceremony

A Soul Retrieval Ceremony addresses core issues and patterns that you are experiencing and sets into motion energies that support your life and well-being.

I recommend a full soul retrieval for people who have not had a prior soul retrieval or extensive energy healing. The ceremony involves three healing sessions, utilizing many healing techniques—the first two on consecutive days and a third session three weeks later. Each session is about two hours long, for a total of six hours. The fee is $575.

Single Healing Session

If you have previously received soul retrieval or energy healing work, or have limited resources, one or two focused, sessions can be of great benefit and bring significant results and momentum. These sessions can be scheduled for two or three hours, depending on the work needing to be done. The fee is $200 for two hours or $300 for three hours.

Once we agree on and schedule your session(s), I will send you instructions for preparing for your healing sessions, the location of my healing studio or a link to our video session, and how to make your payment.